People who make good Mystery Shoppers are people who appreciate good service and who like to feel that their business is appreciated. A good Mystery Shopper looks upon Mystery Shopping as an opportunity to help improve service levels at the places they like to frequent. Mystery Shoppers take pleasure in knowing that their comments and suggestions are read and acted upon by the businesses they shop. They take personal satisfaction in watching service levels rise and in knowing that they played a part in that improvement.

Good Mystery Shoppers are conscientious, reliable and objective. They approach each new assignment as if it were the first time they had ever heard of the store they are assigned to shop. They only accept assignments which they will complete on time, objectively and without bias. Good Mystery Shoppers know the importance of following directions, they read and follow each Client's evaluation criteria to the "tee."

People Who Should NOT Become Mystery Shoppers

bullet Individuals whose primary motivation to Mystery Shop is money. No one will ever become rich by Mystery Shopping. Most Mystery Shoppers make less than one hundred dollars a month.
bullet Individuals with very little available time in their schedules. We count on our Mystery Shoppers and so do our Clients. Each shopping period is tightly scheduled, leaving little time to reschedule uncompleted shops, so we count on our Shoppers to complete their assignments on time.

Mystery Shopping Is Fun, But It's NO Joke!

Mystery Shopping should be done because the Shopper finds it enjoyable. However, make no mistake, Mystery Shopping is serious business. Many companies use Mystery Shopping results as a vital component in reviewing and assessing employees and management. Very often Mystery Shopping results are used as a determining factor in calculating employee bonuses. Companies make important decisions based on the data supplied by Mystery Shoppers. You have probably heard the expression "garbage in, garbage out." That expression applies directly to Mystery Shopping. All the fancy reporting that we provide to the Client is only as good as the information that you supply, so please be accurate. Mystery Shopping is serious research. Mystery shoppers should plan and prepare themselves properly before conducting every assignment. Since every program is unique to a specific Client, it is important that the shoppers read the evaluation criteria carefully for each new shop they complete. The identical question on two separate client questionnaires could be evaluated in two very different ways, depending upon the Client's evaluation criteria.

Quality Mystery Shoppers are the key to increased service standards in America and are instrumental to the success of Sinclair Service Assessments. If you feel you would enjoy being an SSA Mystery Shopper please fill out the on-line shopper application.