Main Work Page

Hello, welcome to my work page. This page used to have a list of a number of smaller applications I have worked on during my time here at Sinclair Customer Metrics, however, many of those apps have been moved and/or are outdated. Instead, I will be sharing and noting some things I've found useful over the years to show what I can do and can learn.

Most recently, I've been learning a lot about jQuery, so I'll be showing that along with what I know and am always learning about ColdFusion and SQL.

jQuery Start - Where to begin.

SerializeObject function - One of many things that are useful in preparing form data for processing through jQuery, Ajax, and ColdFusion.

Passing Form Data into a CFC - Calling a CFC using Ajax and then processing the prepared data.

Return Form Data from a CFC - More specifically, how to populate returned updated form data from a CFC.

Introduction to DataTables - My favorite jQuery plugin, largely because of a built-in instant search, good documentation, and a number of helpful resources to make it even better.